If you happen to visit the tropical island of Sri Lanka then let your spirit free and gets a feel of adventurous water sport activity in the blue waters of the pear shaped island.

Sri Lanka is the secret garden of surf holiday making and is one of the most reliable surf destinations in the Indian Ocean. The island encompasses beautiful tropical beaches, verdant vegetation, ancient monuments and a thousand delights clubbed with ample opportunities to undertake a spine tingling water sport activity. Sri Lanka is the finest island of its size and you are likely to agree to the fact that Sri Lanka is the ultimate paradise for all water sport buffs.

Perfect climatic conditions and adequate diving sport equipment etc beckons the travelers to try out water sports in Sri Lanka. If you are an aquatic sport lover then you would be spoilt with choices. In fact Aquatic sports forms an integral part of the sports and recreation in Sri Lanka.

You can hire boats and set sail along the waters of Sri Lanka. Boating is a well developed water sport activity in this aesthetic tropical land. Diving and sailing forms a part of the sports and recreation in Sri Lanka. Other aquatic sports include activities such as surfing, swimming and scuba diving on the coast. The beaches and backwaters tempts a large number of foreign tourists to this beautiful land.