Sri Lankan New Year which is known as Aluth Avurudhu is celebrated in April when the sun moves from the house of pisces to the house of aries. At this time of the year the rainy season makes flowers bloom, fruits grow and Sri Lankans celebrate. A whole bunch of activities during around the New Year are influenced widely by auspicious times. There are many rules to follow what to do before, during and after the New Year.

When the sun is halfway through, people would abstain from all money operations and other activities linked to materialism. It’s called the neutral period which many Sri Lankans respect.

Other rituals around the New Year celebrations are bathing for body and soul on the last day of the old year, offering Betel leaves to parents and elders as a symbol for love and gratitude, preparing sweets for family, friends and neighbours. Furthermore the traditional Kiri Bath (milk rice) is cooked in the minute the New Year starts. People use to clean their houses before New Year and many visit their family and friends or go on vacation for a couple of days.

Traditional New Year’s sweets are Kavum (Oil Cake), Mung Kavum (deep-fried sweet made of Mung flour), Kokis (crispy sun-shaped crackers) etc.