Ruwanweliseya is considered a marvel for its architectural qualities and sacred to Buddhists all over the world. It was built by King Dutugemunu, who united Sri Lanka after defeating Chola King Elara. This Dagoba was known as Mahathupa, Swarnamali Chaitya, Swarnamali Mahaceti (in Pali) and Ratnamali Dagoba. Also King Dutugemunu didn’t live to see its completion of Dagoba but his final sight as he lay on his deathbed could be a false bamboo-and-cloth finish was placed around the Dagoba to show his ‘completed’ masterpiece. Today, after incurring much damage from invading Indian forces, it rises 55m, considerably less than its original height; nor is its form the same as the earlier ‘bubble’ shape. A limestone statue south of the great Dagoba is popularly thought to be of King Dutugemunu.