Located in the town of NuwaraEliya which sits high in the hills among the Tea plantations, is the NuwaraEliya Golf Club with its splendid course, built by a Scottish soldier in 1889. The venue for many tournaments, this course is challenging and exciting, with many characteristics and distinctive natural elements that golfers should watch out for. The weather and scenic surroundings will make your entire sojourn peaceful and happy, more so since the Club offer accommodation and all modern amenities along with great service always accompanied by a smile.

Pedro and Labookelle tea estates afford opportunities to get on-site knowledge regarding the teaindustryofSriLanka.Located 3 km east of NuwaraEliya, beneath a flank of Mount Pedro is the Pedro Tea estate. The resident guide at the estate explains and elaborates on the process of growing and manufacturing Ceylon Tea. Labookelle Tea Estate which is located 20 km north of NuwaraEliya, is set at an elevation of 2000 meters. The expansive estate is fully geared to host the visitors with a tour around the entire property. The café is a fine place to enjoy a cup of Ceylon tea while having a delicious slice of cake.