Lake Gregory is one of the most significant tourist attractions in NuwaraEliya. It was built by the Governor William Gregory during 1872 – 1877 periods by utilizing the water from the Nanuoya which runs across the town. It is about 91.2 hectares in extent. It was said to be used for water sports and for re-recreational activities during the British rule.evennow,Lake Gregory continues to be a popular place for water-based activities including boat rides, sculling, fishing and paddle boating. Pony rides are still available for children, continuing the tradition started decades ago. Recent developments in the area have resulted in paved walkways being built along the lake, ensuring a comfortable walk as well as seating areas in scenic sites along the shoreline. You will never miss out on Sea Planes around the area as Lake Gregory is also the landing site for the Air Taxis which fly into NuwaraEliya from Colombo and Kandy.