Many Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka believe that Katharagama Deviyo is a guardian deity of Buddhism and he is the presiding deity of Katharagama temple. Katharagama is also one of the 16 principal places of Buddhist pilgrimage to be visited in Sri Lanka. According to the chronicle of Sri Lankan history the Mahawamsa, when the Bo sapling of Bodhi Tree, under which Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment in North India was brought to the city of Anuradhapura 2,300 years ago, the warriors or Kshatriyas from Katharagama were present on the occasion to pay homage and respect

When we talk about the historic city of Katharagama, one place we cannot forget is the Kiri Vehera. It is one of the five most important sites of worship in the city along with the Maha Bodhi, Katharagama Devale, Sella Katharagama and Vedihitikanda. The Dagoba is also described in the stanzas as one of 16 most important pilgrimage sites in the whole country.

The 95 feet tall Kiri Vehera has a circumference of 280 feet. It is milky white in colour, hence the name. It is situated near the famous Menik Ganga.

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